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Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling

Based on years of experience I’m offering psychotherapy treatment for psychological disorders such as burn out syndrome, depression or anxiety disorder e.g. panic attacks, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, OCD or post-traumatic stress disorder. 

In addition, I also provide psychological support and counseling services for a variety of problems which by definition aren’t considered a psychological disorder. In such cases, common psychotherapeutic treatment strategies along with my professional support, can help affected individuals to cope with common life challenges such as; problems at school, at work, crisis in life, motivational problems.
After a detailed diagnostic assessment, the treatment will focus on understanding the origins and the development of the disorder. Different exercises and techniques will be used to implement emotional, behavioral and cognitive changes. Thereby, I’ll permanently focus on your individual goals and needs providing you the compass of change towards new perspectives. 

Couples Therapy

Having problems in a relationship is nothing out of the ordinary. Over the years, people keep changing and growing. Daily hassles like stress at work or stress in parenting can lead to conflicts and arguments. Ultimately leading to negative interactions unveiling more “uncomfortable” sides of our individual personality. When this is happening, time should to be deliberately invested to rebalance the relationship.

Counselling for Women's Issues

I offer compassionate counseling and psychotherapy for a variety of problems women's health issues. It is important to me, that women who suffer from these issues get help as soon as possible and the chance to talk to a female health professional to deal with the problem:

  • sexual problems

  • Infertility

  • body image problems

  • anxiety and mood problems during pregnancy

  • counseling after a traumatic/complicated birth

  • postpartum anxiety and or depression

  • role conflicts or feeling inadequate as a mother


About me


After my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Basel (M.Sc., 2009), I spent some time abroad as a research assistant at the University of California Irvine (UCI), USA. The UCI Health, Development, and Disease Research Program addressed the interface between biological, behavioral, and social processes in human pregnancy, on fetal, newborn, infant and child developmental and health outcomes.

Upon my return to Switzerland (2010) I started my doctoral studies and got engaged in the psychotherapy training. During this time, I worked as a post graduate psychologist at the Cognitive Behavioral Unit at the University Psychiatric Clinics in Basel (2010-2013).

I received bot my PhD (2014) and the Master of advanced studies in psychotherapy (2015) from the University of Basel.

I worked in a joint practice in Basel from 2013 until fall 2019. 


In Semptember 2019, I started my own practice in the heart of Basel.

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Über mich
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